The Bells

Hi, we are the Bells! Frankie, Duncan and our five sons.  As of June 2021 we are the proud new owners of The Hive!

What can we share with you? 

In a few short words, we have a strong sense of community, a love of nutritious home cooked meals and a desire to really connect over a meal (or a cuppa). 

The slightly longer version of that is….

• We are a local darlington family that moved into the neighbourhood 10 years ago and love calling the village our home. We’ve tried in our own small ways to be actively involved in the community, mostly through the primary school and sporting clubs. Community is very important to us. The opportunity to contribute being a big part of our decision to buy The Hive. 

• We love our food! Perhaps it’s our Mediterranean roots, but the whole family loves cooking up a storm in the kitchen – always have.  There’s seldom a day that passes without at least one of the boys in the kitchen with Frankie or I whipping up something tasty.  Home cooked meals made from scratch has been a family philosophy for years…as has been the Italian custom of really connecting with family and friends over a meal.

• Lastly, but by no means least…there is Frankie’s food passion that has dominated her career for the last 8 years.  While we’re relatively new to the hospitality world, we’re not new to healthy, nutritious food.  As the owner of Additive Free Kids, Frankie has been helping families  improve the quality of children’s lives by reducing additives in their food.  Some of the transformations have been remarkable, with Frankie recently receiving the Rona Okely award for her work (WA’s top honour in consumer protection). Frankie is often heard citing “we need to get back to basics, its about moving away from processed food and returning to cooking the way Nonna used to make it” It is this approach that underpins so much of what we do at The Hive – Darlington.

The Hive Darlington

1 Beenong Rd
Darlington, WA, 6070

(08) 9252 0062